Will You Be Able To Control The Next Mosquito Wave?

If you are a pretty good surfer, you might be able to control that next wave. But no matter how good a meteorologist or climatologist you are, you probably won’t be able to control the next heat wave. But if you were in charge of professional mosquito control services in Biloxi would you be able to control the next mosquito wave? Or has there ever been such an occurrence out your way? Mosquitoes appear to be attracted to balmy weather.

They like hot, humid conditions, and the more it rains, the better for them. But that is a big no-no for you if you happen to be a farmer. Floods are damaging enough. They can damage your crops. But what if you were the keeper of animals? Well, that would not have been so bad because after all you could have just herded them in. Safe in the barns. Safe as houses. Of course, it is no deterrent for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes will still find a way in.

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Mosquitoes are not interested in your food crops. Or are they? As a suburban gardener, these days you just never know. Mosquitoes could eat anything if it came down to it. Of course, it is the blood they want the most. Mosquitoes could eat anything in order to survive. They have been doing so for thousands of years. They will do so for another thousand years. Plant species have been doing so as well. Well, some of them at least.

And this one in particular. Come near this plant’s stem and you die. That is to say that you are a termite, beetle, bedbug, mosquito, tick, flea, whatever insect that just happens to drop by. But please, not the bees.